Meeting Our Mission
Since its inception in 1999, HUG has developed systems and building techniques that allow houses to heat and cool themselves, lessening the overall burden of fossil fuels on the environment and the pocketbook. We began by looking at alternative ways to construct cost-efficient homes, offices, and industrial buildings (See HUG Campus).


In January 2011, when Italian Andrea Rossi announced he had successfully developed a LENR process that produced thousands of watts of clean energy, we were more than intrigued. Like everyone else, we thought “cold fusion” had been debunked. Whether the cold fusion code had finally been cracked or not, we quickly realized this could be another intriguing way to meet our mission. The more we looked into it, the more we understood that thousands of researchers around the world have been plugging away at this research for decades. Almost all of it is poorly financed and much of it without the scientific discipline necessary to document, share, and duplicate results.


Often, dramatic claims have been made that could not be verified by science. (The Rossi claim remains unverified.) We aim to change that, conducting research in the open environment with other scientists around the world. See what we’re doing at Martin Fleischman Memorial Project www.quantumheat.org.