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Videos: Learn how we did it!

Hunt Utilities Group founded the Resilient Living Campus in 2003 with the first of our experimental buildings. We started by incorporating modern know-how into the oldest of construction methods, building Old Main using straw and mud. Years later we set out to prove that industrial complexes can benefit from innovative energy-capturing techniques, building the 15,000 square foot Mani Shop. That same year, we took what we learned from the Mani Shop to see how similar ideas would work in a 4,000 square foot home, with an oversized 1,000 sq ft garage.  Finally, in 2009 and 2011 we used our energy-trapping and energy-saving techniques to prove you can build affordable housing with litte or no heating and cooling costs.  

Check out all FOUR videos. It's best to view videos in order to fully understand the experimentation, leading to affordable energy efficient construction.

1. Old Main (2003)  Playing with Mud and Straw

2. Mani Shop (2008)  Industrial-scale energy savings

3. The ARC (2008)  Heating a 4,000 sq ft home using a single water heater element

4. SPARC & TWARC (2009 & 2011) Enormous energy savings at about 10% above normal construction costs.

An OVERVIEW From Happy Dancing Turtle's Resilient Living Minnesota Video Series